by Hot Mulligan

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Andrew Been a huge fan of these guys for so long now. Everything they produce is pure magic. Favorite track: Visited Salmon, I Mean Transit Balcony.
Phil Lynch
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Phil Lynch Local young people pursuing their dream with well-crafted and energetic tunes.
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neshuman These guys are the next big thing in Pop-Punk Favorite track: Visited Salmon, I Mean Transit Balcony.
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Buy "Fenton" on CD here! Limited to 75 copies.

Originally a digital only release, the 3 track EP was recorded with Mat Kerekes (Citizen) over Halloween weekend 2014. This re-issue features the original 3 tracks as well as an acoustic version of "Buy A Fire Extinguisher..." recorded with Josh Frost (Search The City) at The Elephant Room in Pontiac,MI.

Cover Art by Johnny Mason


released May 12, 2015

Guitar/Bass - Brett Annelin
Drums/Vocals - Chris Freeman
Vocals - Tades Sanville

Tracks 1-3 recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mat Kerekes in Toledo, OH.
Track 4 recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Frost at The Elephant Room Studios in Pontiac, MI.



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Hot Mulligan Lansing, Michigan


  • Sep 16
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Track Name: 11 Second Burp
The lights behind your house won't feel the same when you're allowed to see me.
The light on your garage is keeping you awake, and I hope you won't be sleeping anytime soon.
Watch my shadow light up your room;
you'll hear my voice soon.

Don't feel rushed when you're thinking of what to say;
we've got 73 more days and anxious conversations keeping us entertained
As we wait for the summer to finally break our doubts and disbelief keeping us up late.

I'm staring out of the window, wondering if you'll open yours when your parents fall asleep.
Keep a secret; I'll keep you in mind. Everything you know eventually works out in time.
Track Name: Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire Extinguisher
I'm setting off these fireworks outside your bedroom window - washed in sparks as fire's falling down into the snow.

Dogs are barking, noise complaints, but I don't want to go, no.
Step outside. I'll play these songs. Don't make me be alone.
Singing just to please someone is all I've ever known.
Sit for hours - no response. I guess I'll go back home.

I had a little money in my pocket; I spent it all on you.
Yes, I had a little money in my pocket. Well, I guess that's really all I had.

Snowballs cake your screen, and I hope your home because how embarrassing would it be if you're not home, and I'm just watching your window instead of knocking. Play guitar in your back yard, and sing and wait until your alarm goes off - and it goes off.

What will it take for me to see you when you're thinking I'm a human?
I'll wait until you're feeling..
Track Name: Visited Salmon, I Mean Transit Balcony
Adrenaline and menthol grinding at my teeth
I'm singing, "Show me what I wanna see."
I'm saying, "Show me where I wanna be."

Homesick? No. I'm sick of home. All it ever gave me were weekends on the phone, feeling badly but laughing at the times that I passed up. I guess that wasn't enough.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, kid! Come on, tell me what you're missing. Tell me what you're missing out on.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, kid! Come on, tell me what you're looking - tell me what you're looking down on.